The Art of Restoration

The process of refinishing and restoration is an art that is cherished at Conda Restorations. We strive to make every item as perfect as the day it was first built. Our professionals consult with each and every client as to their preferences and wishes.

Furniture is a major part of any home. Maintaining that furniture is essential in keeping your home beautiful. A few simple touch-ups or changing the colour of a piece can give furniture a fresh new look. We at Conda Restorations recognize this and we are anxious to help you create that perfect look.

The refinishing process involves several steps. Our professionals at Conda perform every step by hand and with quality care. Our hand stripping, hand sanding, and custom lacquer finishing guarantees that your furniture will look and feel just the way you want it. Our upholstery department uses the best quality materials and offers the top designer fabrics.