Experts In Piano Restoration

Why would I keep this old piano when I can buy a new digital keyboard”

Ask any pianist, musician or piano lover and they will all agree that nothing sounds or looks as good as a real piano. Many older pianos are fine works of art with exquisite carvings, extensive details, and beautiful cabinets. They are classic pieces of furniture that never go out of style. Most pianos are also extremely durable and can be serviced over and over. New strings, felts, hammers, key tops, etc., can give your older piano a brand new sound. And refinishing the cabinet can give it a whole new life.

Conda Restorations actually began its business by refinishing and servicing pianos, and over the past 4 decades have become experts in all aspects of piano restoration. From frame refinishing to complete inside rebuilding, our team will revive the look and sound of your instrument as if it were new again. We service all kinds of pianos, from apartment sizes, to uprights, to concert hall Grand Pianos. We also rent Grand Pianos for your special occasions and sell pre owned, refinished and rebuilt pianos at our shop.