Fine Custom Upholstery

Why would I spend money re-upholstering my sofa, when I can buy a new one for $300.00?”

Many have asked this question just to be faced with the answer of having to discard that $300 sofa after a year of use.

Today’s upholstered furniture is made with inferior quality materials. The inside wood frames are made with particle board, plastic, and sometimes even cardboard. They are put together using staples and nails, instead of glue and screws. This inferior inside frame will eventually begin to come apart and you are left with having to purchase another cheap upholstered piece.

Many experts, including top designers and furniture craftsmen, recommend re-upholstering older quality frames as opposed to purchasing new ones. This allows the consumer to not only get a quality piece of furniture, but to be able to choose their own look, style and colour. Many “older” looking sofas can be easily updated with new fabric and accessories.

Experts in the upholstery industry, at Conda Restorations pride itself in restoring all kinds of upholstered furniture. From antique pieces to modern custom designs, Conda’s team will guide you step by step through the entire re-upholstering process. With over 300 fabric books and thousands of fabric swatches from the most popular and selective fabric mills, finding the right “look” for your piece of furniture is a cinch at Conda. Our experts will assist you in locating the right colour for your wood and help you find the right fabric for your furniture. We are also skilled in: repairing structural frame issues, any foam or down (feathers) concerns, refinishing sofa wood frames, and custom making solid wood frames. Whether your upholstered piece has been in a fire, flood, or damaged, or you are just looking to update it, our upholstery experts are here to help you bring that furniture back to life.